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The Secrets of Successful Key Account Managers

Key account management plays a vital role in nurturing long-term, profitable and mutually beneficial partnerships.

A great account manager can:

  • Increase information sharing and transparency.
  • Increase customer commitment and satisfaction.
  • Improve loyalty and retention.
  • Increase share of spend.
  • Increase profit margin.
  • Increase revenues.
  • Increase advocacy.

But how do you become great and make the most of these opportunities?


In this exclusive webinar you’ll learn:

  • The twenty qualities of successful key account managers.
  • How to increase added value.
  • How to improve knowledge and understanding of your clients’ business.
  • How to get clear on what your clients expect from their key account manager.


About the presenter

Warwick Brown - Account Manager Tips

Warwick Brown is Founder at Account Manager Tips and has led key account management and business development teams in Australia, UK and Europe.

Time Stamps:

00:32 Introduction
03:57 01. Able to identify problems and provide solutions
05:01 02. Familiar with their customer’s competitors
06:16 03. High level of integrity
07:53 04. Understands their customers main concerns
09:52 05. Strong interpersonal skills
11:26 06. Strong negotiation skills
12:29 07. Anticipates future needs
13:51 08. Develops close interpersonal relationships
14:42 09. Understands their customer’s strategic direction
17:00 10. Customers can quantify the added value they provide
19:24 11. Offers cross sell and up sell services
21:14 12. Secures resources
24:31 13. Includes their executive management
26:29 14. Shares relevant information
28:06 15. Communicates how their customers will be managed
29:20 16. Has authority to deal with their customers problems
30:23 17. Well-suited to their customers
32:45 18. Their customers want to develop the partnership
35:34 19. Their customers know they’re a key account and why
36:54 20. Their customer’s executive management is engaged.
38:33 Secrets to successful key account management
46:53 About The KAM Club
49:00 Q&A

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