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Twitter Live Stream August 21
Twitter Live Stream August 21

August 21, 2017

Today was all about the first golden rule of strategy. Respecting your time!    If you don’t treat your time like a valuable resource – and in very short supply – you’ll never get those strategic action plans off the ground.  So before you set off on changing the world, make sure you give yourself the time to do it.

Here’s the stuff I mentioned in the stream.  



An amazing, free and super-easy project management tool that I use for anything and everything.  From planning blog posts to client actions plans to vacations.  You can easily invite others to collaborate with you (made organising my last ski trip a breeze!)



A small widget that sits on your desktop and tracks your activities.  It’ll tell you just how productive you are and where you’re wasting time.  Shockingly I’ve spent 90+ hours exclusively on emails in the last 4 months.  It’s totally free but their paid plan has some cool features.  I particularly like that it tracks time away from the computer (probably in boring meetings)



If you want to get to inbox zero – ToDoist is essential.  It’s the ONLY app I’ve found that integrates seamlessly with your emails.  You simply click on an email, add it as a task and then you have a range of follow-up features available in ToDoist.  The most brilliant part is that I can delete the email.  I simply open the task and ToDoist will find it no matter where it is.  I’ve gone from having hundreds of folders for filing emails, to two. One for archives (stuff I want to keep) and my inbox.  That’s it!


The 5AM Miracle – Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast

The book that started it all for me.  Jeff Sanders gives very simple actionable steps to starting the day off productively, getting organised and devoting those first few hours of the morning to yourself and your passions.  Don’t get me wrong, training yourself to get up at 5am ain’t easy but when you change your mindset from dread to excitement, somehow it’s not so hard. 

If you want to really smash it, then I’d suggest you read the post Show Your Calendar Who’s Boss: 20 Tips to Tame Your Diary

I’ll leave you with this quote from the inspirational Dr Sunwolf

Life is Too Short


Now, go get ’em Tiger!