Project management

Trello – is a project management tool that I simply can’t live without. I use it to keep track of my strategic account plans and share these with my clients to encourage collaboration.  It also works like an accountability partner and makes sure everyone stays focused.  There’s plenty of other uses too – I’ve used this to plan holidays, plan out this blog and my career development plan.  Best of all it’s free.

MindMeister – have you tried mindmaps?  They are a great way to visually organise your thoughts and ideas.  Just create a new node for every idea and then start to group them together into clusters.  You’ll see patterns emerge and it will truly stimulate your thinking.  The right side of your brain will thank you.  I use MindMeister to map out my client relationships (influencers, decision makers, detractors etc), product opportunities (what do I have to sell and who might be interested.  It’s also been useful when I’ve started a new job to group together all the new things I’m learning so I can review and make sure I understand them.

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