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How to Get in Front of the C-suite and Get Results is your complete step-by-step guide to  confidently connect with decision makers. Learn to develop influential relationships that reduce churn, grow revenue and establish you as a trusted partner.

The Three R's: Relationships, Revenue and Retention

A successful key account management strategy should focus on three core pillars:

Relationships. You don’t want relationships… you need influential relationships. Connecting with senior level executives and influential stakeholders is vital to earn credibility and trust, remove roadblocks, secure budgets and get decisions made.

Revenue. Value creation should not come at the expense of profit. White space and gap analysis reveals where your clients challenges are, how your services can solve them and the best way to position an irresistible value proposition.

Retention. 70% of revenue comes from existing customers. Long term strategic plans establish you as a strategic partner and capture planning reduces the threat of competitors and ensures you continue to meet your clients needs long into the future.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself:

How easily are you able to convince your client to make decisions? Do you have a plan to expand the reach of your networks? What would happen if your main point of contact left or a new procurement manager joined your client’s organisation? Any risks?

What’s the return on investment on your client related activities? Are you creating mutual value that also generates revenue and improves profitability? Is your account management solution operating at a loss, cost-neutral or profitable? Are you happy with your level of upsell, cross-sell and expansion?

Are you satisfied with your client retention? How many clients have contracts expiring in the next 18 months? What’s your win rate on RFP’s? Do you know why your clients stay… and why they leave?  Are you certain your clients’ aren’t talking to your competitors? Do you have clear plans to secure your clients not just this year, or next year, but for years to come?

Were there any questions you couldn’t answer?

The Three P's of Key Account Management

Clarify purpose to align with organisational objectives. 

Implement a repeatable and sustainable process to guide activities.

And finally, practice. Leverage key account management tools that develop fundamental skills to create customer value and drive business results.

Key Account Management Framework

This 10-part key account management model supports the customer life cycle from implementation to retention with a strong focus on mutual value creation and contingencies to deal with risk.

Key Account Management Tools

Logical, simple and tactical tools that develop critical skills in research, analysis, planning, relationship development that guide key account managers down the path of success.

Executives expect you to be prepared

The complete guide to be confident and prepared for your next executive level presentation.
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Relationship mapping template

Relationship mapping helps you identify decision makers and influencers to win, retain and grow your key accounts.
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How to keep your clients

Capture planning helps gather all the information you need to acquire or retain customers … long before you actually need it.
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The ultimate strategic account planning guide

How to create, implement and monitor a strategic account plan that gets results. Templates included.
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