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Key account management plays a vital role in nurturing long-term, profitable and mutually beneficial partnerships.

A great account manager can:

  • Increase information sharing and transparency.
  • Increase customer commitment and satisfaction.
  • Improve loyalty and retention.
  • Increase share of spend.
  • Increase profit margin.
  • Increase revenues.
  • Increase advocacy.

But how do you become great and make the most of these opportunities?



About the presenter

Warwick Brown - Account Manager Tips

Warwick Brown is Founder at Account Manager Tips and has led key account management and business development teams in Australia, UK and Europe.

In this exclusive webinar you’ll learn:

  • The twenty qualities of successful key account managers.
  • How to increase added value.
  • How to improve knowledge and understanding of your clients’ business.
  • How to get clear on what your clients expect from their key account manager.
BONUS: you’ll also get a copy of the presentation with details of various articles, books, free courses and resources to help you explore the secrets of successful account managers.

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