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The Easy Way to Prepare for an Executive Level Presentation

Senior executives can fast-track anything you’re passionate about. They have the budgets and the power to make your ideas happen.

But in a survey by Forrester Research, when asked if sales people were prepared for their meetings, the answer from the senior executives was loud and clear.



How to Prepare for an Executive Presentation Checklist will show you exactly what you need to do to be confident, prepared and set your next presentation up for success.

What will you find inside?

  1. Research and planning fundamentals to discover your presentation purpose.
  2. What your executive audience cares about and how to build a presentation around it.
  3. How to turn your clients’ problems into opportunities.
  4. The right questions to ask to find the right solutions.
  5. How to quantify success and measure what matters.
  6. How to bring your presentation to life with a value proposition framework that inspires your executive audience to take action.
Warwick Brown, Founder at Account Manager Tips

Author Spotlight

Warwick Brown has led business development and account management teams in Australia and Europe for more than 15 years and worked with global organisations including Merck & Co, Deutsche Bank, McKinsey & Company and Vodafone. As the founder at Account Manager Tips, his mission is to help organisations leverage the power of key account management to accelerate client retention and revenue.

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