How To Find Inspiration For Your Strategic Account Planning

GOOD Account Managers copy. GREAT Account Managers steal.

If you’re short on inspiration for your strategic account planning look no further than your clients’ vision statement (usually found on their website)

A vision statement is an aspirational description of what an organisation would like to achieve or accomplish in the mid-term or long-term future. It is intended to serve as a clear guide for choosing current and future courses of action.Business Dictionary

This is my all time favourite tactic to help with where to focus on strategic account planning and it has never failed me.

So, to get started:

  • Visit your clients’ website and read their vision statement.
  • Then read it again.
  • Now unpick it – what exactly does it say about their business and their values.
  • What does it say about how or why they do what they do?
  • What does it reveal about your clients’ strategy and how might it impact your planning.

Then think about how you can align your solutions. How might you reframe your positioning to appeal to their vision statement?

Here’s examples of businesses you know and how their vision statement can influence your strategic account planning if they were your client:


Earth’s most customer-centric company where customers can find and discover anything they want to buy online.

“Earth” says to me they want global reach: how can I help them expand their reach or enter new markets.

“Customer-centric” puts customers are at the heart of everything Amazon does.  How can I come up with strategies that improve their customer experience?  Make things simpler, more interactive, faster?


Revolutionise how the world engages with ideas and information

“Revolutionise” says they are risk takers, bold, accelerating innovation and ready to challenge the way things are done today. You might consider strategies that are exciting and fresh. Don’t be afraid to pitch something out of the box.

“Engage” says Adobe are interested in more than just transactions, they are interested in experience.  They want people to feel something when they use Adobe’s products.  How might you tap into that?  What would your solution look like if you focused on engagement?

Strategy that plans itself

Do you see how quickly this reveals opportunities?

Take a moment to write all your ideas down and incorporate them into your strategic account plan.

Such a simple tactic, but a persuasive one and a great way to gain a deeper understanding of your client.


Because you’re speaking THEIR language.

And you’ll bring a smile to your clients’ face the next time you meet if you start the conversation about their values and let them know you’re intrigued and would like to know more.

And who doesn’t like to give away smiles?

Warwick Brown

Warwick Brown has led business development and account management teams in Australia and Europe for more than 15 years and worked with some of the world's most prestigious firms, including Merck & Co, Deutsche Bank, McKinsey & Company and Vodafone. As the founder at Account Manager Tips, his mission is to help organisations leverage the power of key account management to accelerate client retention and revenue.


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