Friday 5: Best Blog Posts From Around the Web

A regular round-up of the 5 best blog posts I've discovered around the web.
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The 5 best account management blog posts from around the web.  This week learn how to make your meetings better, tips for working from home and a simple productivity hack to stay one step ahead.


  1. 27 Tools for Online Brainstorming and Decision Making in Meetings

    This is THE ultimate guide for using online sticky notes and other collaborative workspaces to connect with your team and make magic happen.  It’s a big, in-depth read and worth every moment of your time if you’re looking to get your teams’ creative juices flowing.  GroupMap is my personal choice and has a decent free plan that should get you started.

  2. The Weekly Review: How One Hour Can Save You A Week’s Worth of Hassle and Headache

    A must read if you want to stop playing catch-up and start getting ahead.  A terrific list of actionable steps you can take to regain control of your To Do list and your life.  The simplest concept you can start doing NOW is a “trigger list” to jog your memory each week. The trigger list is just a long list of items you should scan during your weekly review to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

  3. The Remote Worker’s Guide to Office Etiquette

    No man is an island, right? Alan Henry reminds us that just because we work from home, not to forget we’re still part of a team.  He offers some really easy ways to improve communication, even if you don’t make it into the “office” every day.

  4. For Meetings with a Clear Outcome, Try These 4 Improv Rules

    Meetings are just a stage and everyone plays their part.  So why not use some of the rules of improv theatre to encourage participation and get everyone to contribute.  A unique take on how to get your meeting focused on outcomes.

  5. Just Because You’re In Charge Doesn’t Mean You Should Run Every Meeting

    I really like this.  I always think because I’m the boss I’m the one that should run it.  Think again.  Some compelling reasons in this post on why it might be time to hand over the reigns.  I can’t wait to take a back seat at my next meeting!


Let me know what you think about my 5 best blog posts this week?  Feel free to share any of your favourites in the comments.