How To Navigate LinkedIn’s New Features

How to Navigate LinkedIn's New Features
Account Managers need to keep their LinkedIn profiles up to date but figuring out how is can be a challenge.

Account Managers must keep their LinkedIn profile up-to-date.  Clients will be looking for you. However, navigating LinkedIn’s new desktop can be a real challenge.

It’s undergone a major redesign and there are new features being added (and removed) all the time.  Some existing features are buried so deep they’re almost impossible to find.

Overall the enhancements are for the better and there’s some great new features like:

  • Enhanced analytics
    More details on how other users interact with your feed.
  • Improved searching
    Find out how your being found, by whom and what job opportunities you might be suited.
  • Profile Completion Meter
    LinkedIn prioritises completed profiles and ranks them higher.  Become an All-Star and get noticed.
  • Chat messaging
    Staying connected has become much more social and messaging has been redesigned to encourage direct chats rather than private messages.
  • New Article interface
    Posting articles are now fully integrated instead of having to go to LinkedIn Pulse.  With one click you can access the blogging platform and start publishing your posts.
  • New notifications
    Customise the types of notifications you receive to filter out the noise and get quick, relevant information (I don’t need birthday notices on so I hide these).

For a comprehensive overview of check out this Slideshare by Donna Serdula.  I recommend following Donna on Twitter for more great advice on optimising your LinkedIn profile.

Finally, check out our comprehensive post on how to Get Noticed With a Killer LinkedIn Profile Photo.

So head on over to LinkedIn and get working on your profile and let the world know how amazing you are.

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